What is SAP ABAP? SAP ABAP has a broad scope of applications in an industry and is a strong programming language for the developing, debugging and testing of SAP-based solutions. The full form of SAP ABAP is Allgemeiner Berichts-Aufbereitungs-Professor in German and which interprets to “general report creation processor” . It is typically a high-level programming language practiced for generating business applications for the SAP application server and Net Weaver platform. SAP ABAP ABAP- Advanced Business Application Programming is recognized as a 4th generation programming language. To start in an adequate method with ABAP, developers must have the basic understanding of integrated software logistics, the development environment for ABAP and methods of generating SAP applications on a central server. Owning a bunch of space beside JAVA, also the lately proposed programming language; SAP ABAP has syntax slightly alike to COBOL. It is the approved language for SAP’s Web